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Therapeutic shoes or inserts
The Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill allows people with diabetes to get specialized footwear and foot orthotics that are custom made to provide the proper fit  and gait for our patients.

For each individual, coverage provides for one pair of extra depth shoes and three pairs of inserts annually. Medicare will pay 80% of the eligible cost. Secondary insurance may completely cover the remaining cost.

Shoes and inserts are often covered by most insurance companies for people who suffer from diabetes and have advanced diabetic foot care needs. 

All people with Medicare Part B who have diabetes and severe diabetic foot disease are covered. Your doctor must certify that you need therapeutic shoes or inserts. A podiatrist or other qualified doctor must prescribe these items

Orthotics are designed to fit your feet while providing arch support which can help to alleviate pain caused by the biomechanical inadequacies of your feet and legs.

The most common reasons people use foot orthotics are for arch and heel pain, lower leg tendonitis and for knee pain. 

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